Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes toe-shoes

Spotlight on a costume! (Actually, this is going to be more like a spotlight on several costumes... I just can't resist!) It seems as though all of the actresses in that golden age got to wear really amazing costumes all the time. Cyd Charisse is no exception. I'm sure I could find at least ten of her outfits I absolutely must have in my dream wardrobe. This one here is one of those ten. She wears it in The Band Wagon in the scene where Gabrielle Gerard first meets Tony Hunter. I love this lacy dress with the green undertone - so classy and beautiful! [I also love this scene but that's another matter]

This movie has lots of fantastic outfits for Miss Charisse. I know I've discussed the matter with Emma Wallace (who I had the chance to interview the other day!) and she's quite partial to the dress Cyd Charisse wears at the end of the film (which can be found near the beginning of the trailer). Every time I watch the movie with my mom, she says how much she loves the dress in "Dancing in the Dark." And my sister has mentioned how incredible that see-through dress in "Girl Hunt Ballet" is (go to 5:00 to see the dress). And then, of course, there's the more famous red vixen dress which was, apparently, Cyd Charisse's favorite:

So, which one is your favorite?


  1. I envy Cyd's costumes in The Band Wagon, too! Choosing a favorite is hard... I'd probably go with the lacy black one that she wore in her first scene with Fred. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a different favorite tomorrow, though. : )

  2. This is a sentimental favorite - but I like her yellow dress from Brigadoon.

  3. In this film, the "I See A New Sun" dress; it looks like solar flares landed on her. Love the matching muff. Absolutely impractical, but beautiful.

    My favorite of all the Cyd Charisse outfits I've seen is probably the gown in ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU. She dances with Ricardo Montalban in a long, black, sparkling evening dress that has green underskirts, so every time she kicks up her heels or twirls you see a flash of green. It's wonderful.

  4. I agree. Costumes in the Golden Era=genius!


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