Saturday, July 3, 2010

And think of all of the fun if we played each other on repeat one...

Wow. Long time, no see! Same old excuse, I'm afraid: I've been crazy-busy with work, working 6 days/50 hours a week. I haven't had much time for blogging and blog-reading. I'm going to try and get back into gear with all that, slowly but surely. It's hard making a regular schedule for one's self when one's work schedule is totally irregular. I've finally gotten myself to clean the cat's litter box in a (more or less) regular manner.

Like I said, slowly but surely. Once upon a time, I used iCal and scheduled everything on my to-do list around my work schedule. It worked beautifully, if I remember correctly, so I don't know quite why I stopped. In any case, I may have to try it again and see if it works beautifully this go around. All this to say, it feels like it's been ages since I've been able to post about a movie in my 100 movies list, or a segment post, or a list, or a quote of the week. Today is my first day of in 12 days and I'm hoping to take full advantage of the opportunity and maybe pre-write a few posts in order to get back on track. However, I also need to go through the very un-fun task of shopping for work shoes. sigh. We'll see how it works. I may have too much fun relaxing to do anything productive.

In the meantime, I have managed to work on some projects when I'm off work. For one thing, I made a new banner. Do you like it? I'm prodigously proud of it! And, most recently, I finished a video for Emma Wallace's new cd. You can view the video on my YouTube channel but I'll embed it here to make things easier. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hey Sally, I’m celebrating my post #100 and I’m going to upload a special-classic-actor-related-thing if someone answers correctly the question I posted. Wanna participate?

    Click here

    BTW The banner looks great and I love your video...and Emma's song is lovely :)

  2. YAYA! Good to have you back!

    I ADORE the banner!

    And the video is so light and joyful! Made my morning! :-D

  3. P.S. I loved that song so much....I just bought the MP3 of it! :-D

  4. I love you new blog layout and look. I plan to eventually move to one of the new layouts offered by the site, but I havent found one I like yet.

  5. Love the blog, and the video, and the Marilyn photo! So good to have you back!

  6. I love your new header! It's funny, because I made a new cover for my autograph binder that looks exactly like your header (with classic movie star pictures all around the title!). Aww I hope things start to settle down for you! Cute video too!


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