Monday, June 25, 2012

That is the actual fact.

So... I've lately been completely obsessed with The Dick van Dyke Show. On something of an impulse, I purchased the entire set when it went on sale. Millie over at Classic Forever encouraged me to do it and say I wouldn't regret it. When I first opened the box and left it sitting in the shrink wrap for a few weeks I did, I confess, doubt her words. But, now that I watch an episode practically every day, I can see she was right! It's such a good show! The show, as you may know, was filled with talented performers who often showcased their talents in random episodes. Here's one of my favorite scenes of Mary Tyler Moore who plays Laura Petrie (my favorite character) rehearsing a song for a talent show. It's so cute!

P.S. Fun fact about Laura's stylish pants. Many people did not appreciate how form-fitting and sexy her pants were. Carl Reiner fought this battle and won, but in a compromise: she could only wear the pants in one scene per episode. How crazy is that? I must say, I'm dying to get my hands on a pair like hers. They're so cute!!!

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