Friday, February 13, 2009

"I really can't stay..."

I watched two new movies this week: On An Island With You (1948) with Esther Williams, Peter Lawford, Cyd Charisse, and Ricardo Montalban. I have to confess, I was completely taken with Ricardo Montalban, so I moved Neptune's Daughter (1949) up to the top of my queue and watched that today.

Both of the movies were pretty cute, if a little loose on plot. Like many musicals, the high points were the songs. I admit, I'm not much of an Esther Williams fan. I think she's adorable and a beautiful actress, but I'm not very interested in her water ballets. On An Island With You has a really strange plot line and the final romances don't really have much buildup - the outcome is pretty predictable, but I wanted it to make a little more sense. Neptune's Daughter was very cute, but I didn't like the "happy ending" too much because, in my opinion, Keenan Wynn's character got a little gipped.

But like I said earlier, the songs really make up for a lot. In On An Island With You Ricardo Montalban and Cyd Cherisse dance two duets and they're absolutely fantastic! I was looking forward to Neptune's Daughter because I really wanted to see how they filmed "Baby, It's Cold Outside." I really like that song and they did a great job with it. There's another song, too, "My Heart Beats Faster" that's really good.

I have to say that the main selling point for me on these two movies is Mr. Montalban. I can't quite figure out how I've never seen his movies before, quite possibly because he did few musicals (unless I've overlooked some - in which case, please let me know!). But he's a good singer and a very good dancer and he's quite nice to look at! So, if you're looking for some cute, light musicals, look into these two.


  1. montalban died recently. maybe he'd still be alive if he did more musicals!

  2. I saw the first movie too... The plot could easily have been a horror/drama if not filled with humor and dancing, don't you think? But I did think Montalban and Charisse's chemistry was marvelous!


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