Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's Misbehave...

It took me a long time, but I finally watched Easy Virtue (2008). I've been wanting to see this movie ever since I learned of its existence because I'm quite smitten with Ben Barnes, and I adore Colin Firth and period films.

The movie follows the story of Larita and John Whittaker (Jessica Biel and Ben Barnes), two newlyweds who come home to meet John's stuffy family. His mother (Kristen Scott Thomas) takes immediate dislike for Larita and war ensues, testing the new couple's love and Larita's patience.

As a sexy period movie, Easy Virtue delivers. It was very well done with outstanding performances by all. The costumes were lovely - I'm finding myself once again craving a 1930s hairstyle and wardrobe. The soundtrack I already knew to be fantastic as I bought it in December. It features several wonderful Cole Porter songs, which made me smile every time. The characters are all very well done (as I said, stellar cast). I loved Larita's character and found myself cheering for her all the way through. Ben Barnes was perfectly loveable and his role definitely makes me hopeful for a man who sings Cole Porter and dances around the room. Colin Firth was fantastic as John's father, but then, Colin Firth never disappoints.

I'm pretty sure I would recommend this film, particularly to: old music lovers, Ben Barnes fans, Colin Firth fans, and period film lovers. It is a romantic comedy, but I found myself rather disappointed by the ending. I liked the movie and I realize it couldn't have ended any other way, but I was still a little disappointed, so be wary when watching.***

*** So, I rewatched the film and I wanted to address my previous comment on the ending. After watching the movie a second (and third) time, I was much more satisfied with it. Knowing what was coming, I was able to see how appropriate the ending really was. In which case, I definitely recommend the movie to any and all readers, with the advice to not judge the ending too harshly.


  1. Oh! You had me up until the ending comment... Maybe I'll read a movie spoiler review before I watch it! I HAVE to have a happy ending.

  2. It's happy-ish. Just not in the way that you would expect. I can tell you exactly what happens if you like. In my opinion, it's a movie worth seeing despite the ending.


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