Friday, May 15, 2009

John, every day you act worse, but today, you're acting like tomorrow.

I have a few things to say before I jump into my review. First, I'm not sure that the above quote will have anything to do with my post. My mom and I finished our Fred & Ginger marathon tonight (finishing up with Roberta (1935)) and that's one of my favorite quotes from the film.

The second thing I have to say is: I'm sorry for not following through with my plan to review 2 movies a week. Here's what happened (I sound like Mr. Monk!) - I netflixed Bells Are Ringing (1960) (not to be confused with For Me and My Gal (1942)) but we've moved recently so the Netflix was redirected and it took a good week and half to finally get to me. By the time I got it, I'd already contacted Netflix and told them that the dvd got lost in the mail and they had sent me a replacement copy. So then I had 2 copies but by this time it was already yesterday and at least a week too late for me to follow through with my promise of 2 reviews a week. You see, Bells Are Ringing, was supposed to be my new film of the week. So, now that I'm quite overdue, I will finally review it because it is a movie worthy of reviewing.

Okay, so I checked out Bells Are Ringing because it stars Judy Holliday (who has quickly become one of my favorite actresses) and Dean Martin - what a pairing! The basic plot is as follows: Ella Peterson (Holliday) works at an answering service, taking and giving messages. However, she takes the service a bit further, involving herself in the lives of the clients by giving advice, playing matchmaker, playing mother, and, occasionally, even playing Santa Claus! Things really begin to shake up when she falls for a client (Martin) and when a snoopy inspector tries to prove that the answering service supplies men with additional services...

The movie is very cute and very fun. I very much enjoyed it and I highly recommend it. Judy Holliday doesn't disappoint - she's a pure joy and very entertaining. There are some really fun songs, some quirky jokes, and some cute dresses (for the fashion-lovers). Overall, I'd say the movie is very good (I gave it 4 stars on Netflix).

I must warn you, however, if you're looking into watching this movie. It was adapted from a Broadway play and it's very, very campy. The actors sing to the camera and the songs are very staged (for lack of a better word). This didn't really take away from the movie, but I feel I should give a proper heads-up.

Hopefully, campiness doesn't deter you from a good movie because I certainly recommend this one.

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  1. Not too worried about campiness... Sounds like fun!


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