Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I read a book the other day.

Here's an embarrassing addition to my movies to watch list: Dinner at Eight. Why is this one embarrassing? I own it. I've owned it for several years now. I keep putting it in my dvd player, then reading up on the basic plot summary to get an idea of what I'm getting into, deciding it sounds too convoluted to be enjoyable, then taking it out again. So I still haven't seen it. I got it in a boxed set of classic comedies that, in my humble opinion, is rather dubious a selection. I bought it for The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby. It also included Stage Door which I find thoroughly depressing and frustrating and barely funny and To Be Or Not To Be, which I didn't enjoy as much either. It did include Libeled Lady, though, which I like a great deal. All this to say, I have yet to see it. What do you think? Worth watching?


  1. Well.. I like it.. I think Marie Dressler is one of the main causes to watch it.. but on the other hand: I love To Be Or Not To Be - so we might not be on the same level.. ;") (Though: I LOVE Libeled Lady..)

  2. I love "Dinner at Eight". It's not too convoluted to enjoy, although I can see how reading about the plot would make it seem so. It's worth watching it just for the cast!

  3. Hm... I saw Dinner at Eight... last year?... and it didn't make a huge impression. It wasn't as convoluted as it might sound, but on the other hand, I'd always heard it defined as a comedy, too. Then I watched it, and while it had its moments, it's not a very funny movie overall. Based on what I know of your taste in movies, I don't think it would be your cup of tea, but there's always the chance that I could be wrong.

    If you ever do watch it, I'd love to hear what you thought.

  4. I say you should watch it. You love classic fashion, and if you love glamour in gowns then Jean Harlow in Adrian's creations is one of the classic icons. And John Barrymore's final scene is haunting and influenced A Star is Born.


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