Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can't scalp anybody unless you do a wardance first.

Today, I'm continuing the wonderful movie review chain started by Wendy of Movie Viewing Girl.

Here is the chain thus far:
Link #1: The Women (1939) by Wendymoon.
Link #2: Private Lives (1931) by Kate Gabrielle.
Link #3: Letty Lynton (1944) by KC.
Link #4: Madame Curie (1944) by Amanda Cooper.
and now, Link #5: Monkey Business (1952) by me!

As you'll see in the rules below, the chain must continue with some sort of link, be it actor, actress, director, theme, etc. I chose theme because I thought that would be fun and decided to find another film about scientists. My choice?

#13 in my count-up: Monkey Business (1952)

This movie is totally wacky and incredibly fun. The basic plot is as follows: Dr. Barnaby Fulton (Cary Grant) is working on a formula that will make people young. One night, one of the chimps in the lab mixes Fulton's chemicals together (accidentally creating an effective formula), dumps the mixture in the water fountain... and no one is the wiser. So, when Fulton decides to test the formula on himself, he unwittingly takes the chimp's formula as well - with hilarious results! Things get even crazier when Fulton's wife (Ginger Rogers) plays guinea pig for the experiment.

I will admit that the movie is not perfect, but it's a riot and there are parts in it that never cease to amuse me. Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers are hilarious and Marilyn Monroe is absolutely adorable. You can actually find the whole thing on YouTube. So, if you have the time, I highly recommend it. I tried finding some bits of trivia regarding the film and here's what I discovered: The address that Edwina gives when she calls the police was Ginger Rogers real-life address: 1605 Gilcrest. And the exterior shots of the Oxley Chemical Co. office building where Barnaby works was actually the Executive Building on the 20th Century Fox studio lot. Neat, huh?

If you want to add a link to the chain, here are the rules:

1. Call dibs on doing the next review in the comments. First one to speak up gets it, others will have to wait to join up to the next link in the chain! (Chains usually only link one at a time, after all. It's not a movie review tree.)

2. Write your own review of another movie (it should be one not yet used in the chain) and post it on your blog. Make sure the link to the previous review is made clear and that you link back to the original post where the chain began (so we can keep track of how the chain grows). The link can be an actor or actress, director, or something more creative (like a theme).

3. Include the rules of how to continue the chain, and let someone else continue it!

P.S. I have a new photo in my banner. Check it out! Kate Gabrielle posted about the photo on Spiffy.


  1. Great idea for continuing the link!! I haven't seen this movie in so long, now I really want to again! I think it's one of the first Cary Grant movies I ever saw :)

    I love the new banner!!! I'm obsessed with that photo, it's so gorgeous! :)

  2. i haven't seen this movie but i watched Cary Grant on To Catch a Thief and i like him. i'll put this on my netflix list :)

  3. I have such a long list of movies I need to watch. I'm going to add this to this list. It looks like fun!


  4. Yay--the movie review chain lives on! I love your theme link. Monkey Business might not be an amazing comedy, but I enjoyed how completely goofy it was. It was also fun to see that Marilyn Monroe had pretty great comedy chops early on.

  5. Thanks for carrying on the chain! Love that you linked by theme and that you included the trivia.

    This is one goofy movie for sure. Ginger Rogers always seems to have so much fun playing a kid, doesn't she?

    Long live the chain o' movie reviews! :-)

  6. I love this movie! Cary and Ginger obviously have great chemistry-and I believe this is just before (or maybe just after) Cary proposed to Ginger. She turned him down for Jacques Bergerac, unfortunately. They're both dreamboats, but you don't say no to Cary Grant dummy!

  7. I'd love to see this movie! Cary and Ginger? Sign me up.

    I also thought you'd want to know that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. :)

  8. Cool! Hey, I never caught that the address was actually Ginger's - killer! I really love this one - Ginger is so cool in it! When she goes into 'kid' mode, she is just so cool... I like the part when they are going to their hotel room after dancing to death, and she turns the corner and slides for like, 20 feet or so, all the way thru the shot... and she also does the 'glass of water on the forehead' thing...just little things like that which make up the wonder of Ginger!
    And, yeah, dang it, she should have hitched up with Cary... oh well.

  9. I call dibs on the next link! :D

    I love this movie. So happy to see others enjoy it too! Ginger is totally adorable, but one of my favorite aspects is how Marilyn gets a chance to shine.

    And hey, that poster is so neat. It's quite an interesting layout idea. (I'm a graphic design student, so I love taking notice of such things!)

  10. I'm not even responding to this one because you all know how I feel about Cary and Ginger...


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