Friday, August 27, 2010

You know, I rather see myself in tweeds for this number.

Spotlight on a costume! So, after all of these lists of 50 gorgeous people that I've been seeing lately, my sister and I were discussing who we thought were particularly beautiful and we thought it odd that Gloria de Haven never seems to be mentioned. In my opinion, she's absolutely stunning. I find myself loving her movies even though she often plays spoiled, bratty little sisters. She's so beautiful, though, she can get away with it.

Anyway, all of this lead up is to say that I decided to use a Gloria de Haven outfit for my spotlight today. I was trying to find something summery and Summer Stock seemed like a good place to look. I'd remembered a certain gingham dress. What caught my eye, however, is this totally cute little number that Gloria wears in the rehearsal scene.

I would love to wear this kind of outfit. How cute is that? The trouble is, mostly, that I don't really own shorts. I don't like shorts. They always seem to be too short or too awkward for me. I love these old-fashioned shorts that are sexy without being short shorts. And I think it helps to have a scarf as a belt. So cute. I love that she's wearing heels with this outfit. It's so wacky but it works! Well, I think it's wacky, probably because I never wear heels. Anyway, what do you think of this outfit?


  1. Love that you spotlighted this outfit! Ive always thought it was adorable! Of course to wear a pair of shorts like that youve got to have a pair of legs like Ms. DeHaven!

    Don't have the time to look it up right now but who ever was the costume designer did a great job. From this cute little number to Judy's barn dance dress - love the clothes in this movie!

  2. It's cute. But I remember thinking, if it's cool enough for a jacket her legs are shivering, poor thing.

    If I remember well, she wears a purple and pink plaid skirt with a scarf for a belt during a scene where she's arguing with Judy Garland. That was my favorite of her outfits on this film.

    I enjoyed her singing and dancing in all white with only a corsage of blue flowers at her waist in BEST FOOT FORWARD. Simply gorgeous.

  3. LOVE! Her shorts are perfect, and I love the scarf belt too! I think vintage shorts are so much better than ones made today!


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