Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm so full of information, I feel like the latest edition of something or other

Okay, so I'm doing my first fellow blogger post. Hooray! I was a little worried about which blogger to feature because I've been so behind on my reading lately, but I decided to start of with L.A. La Land written by Meredith L. Grau. This was one of the first film blogs I started reading and I still really love it. Meredith's posts are chock-full of fascinating tidbits and tales. I often end up quoting her facts and behind-the-scenes stories to other people. I just love all of that stuff!

So, definitely check out her blog. You'll get a wonderful education on classic film!

Even Errol likes to get an education... okay so it may not be on classic film but I think we can excuse him for that, right?


  1. I had never heard about this site before, thanks for sharing the link, became its 90th follower :) Oh, I'm reading Errol's autobiography, and he says that he LOVED reading; according to his own words, he spent some years in Australia and New Guinea when he was young mostly reading poetry, politics, literature, etc. And well, enslaving natives and living with young girls. Bests.

  2. Thanks, again Sally. I'm glad that my trivia is at least serving someone well! Haha. Congrats as well on the hard work you put into your own blogs, which are equally beautifully done. Mwah!

  3. I love her blog! So informative and fun!


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