Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You don't scold, you don't nag, and you look far too pretty in the mornings.

Okay, so the last 100 movie post I did was in October, which is a bit ridiculous. Let's see if we can kick that old habit back into gear, shall we?

And let's do it with a good timey old classic like...

After The Thin Man (1936)

I'm picking this movie for several reasons:
one, we're only very recently past the new year and I consider this a New Year's movie.
two, I'm in a bit of a Thin Man mood after having read Charles Tranberg's The Thin Man Films: Murder After Cocktails which was highlighted in the wonderful blog of C.K. Dexter Haven.
and third, well, I just love this movie. It's one of my favorite Thin Man films and it is, I believe, widely regarded as one of the better. This probably because it had a team as the first one: same director (W.S. Van Dyke), same writers (Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett), and our heroes are still partying it up without the soon-to-come hindrance of a child.

The story picks up where the first one leaves off - with Nick and Nora on their way home to San Francisco. Nick has just finished the Thin Man case and he's ready to relax... or so he thinks. Back at home, Nora's family is finding trouble when her cousin, Selma's (Elissa Landi) husband disappears. When her husband is later found murdered, Selma becomes a chief suspect and Nick and Nora start sleuthing. There are some great lines in this one and stellar performances by all, including a fantastic young James Stewart. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. If you haven't seen a Thin Man movie yet, then you definitely should add the series to your Netflix queue. They're worth watching (and rewatching).

I'm hoping to come back in full force. I'm going to assume that I'm doing so by being optimistic and adding a poll. The poll will cover this topic: Which is your favorite Thin Man movie? Weigh in with your opinion!


  1. Great call, Sally!

    I have seen three of the TM series, including this one...they are AWESOME! I also just watched 'Libeled Lady', which has Powell-Loy also, along with Harlow and Spencer Tracy...pretty cool movie as well.

    Actually, I have ALSO just purchased 'the Thin Man collection'...should be en route to the casa as we speak... these are classics, for sure...
    Looking forward to more great reviews, Sally!



  2. Love it! If you need a friend on your Thin Man kick Im your girl! I just recently discovered these movies and Mom and Dad got me the book for Christmas! Youre right, After The THin Man maybe the best of the series but theres something about Another Thin Man I love - I think its how Nick calls Nora "Mommy" - especially the moment she reveals that she stole the keys to the liquor cabinet!

  3. Love this one! Nora's cousin Selma is a bit much to handle but she contrasts nicely with Nora and Nick's deadpan cleverness.

  4. I have to mention that this film may contain my favorite - no second favorite William Powell moment of the Thin Man series. When they walk into the house and the butler says walk this way and Nick imitates them - never fails to make me laugh.

    My first favorite moment is Christmas morning when Nick is shooting his new pistol at the balloons on the tree then as he pops the last one he turns over and goes to sleep like a little boy.

  5. You're right - this is an excellent movie. I've always considered it the best of the series, as far as the plot is concerned.

    Glad to see you back, Sally! I've missed reading your posts!


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