Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frankly, my dear

I'm currently reading Errol and Olivia: Ego and Obsession in Golden Era Hollywood by Robert Matzen. I'll spare you the critique for the moment as a) I haven't yet finished and b) I have something else on my agenda. In reading this book, I've found myself reconsidering Gone with the Wind. I watched the classic in high school when some people told me I'd love it (mostly because they knew I liked old movies). Well, I watched it and hated it. I hated the characters, I hated the plot; the only character I liked died and I was just so mad! This isn't to say that I'd say it was a bad movie - quite the contrary; I will gladly agree that it is a masterpiece; I just don't care for it. Well, in reading about Olivia de Havilliand's experience in the picture, I've started to wonder whether or not I should give GWTW another chance. So, today, I wanted to make a list post on movies that I didn't particularly care for. Again, not saying they aren't good. Of course they're good. I just didn't like them very much.

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1. Gone with the Wind
2. An American in Paris
3. Gigi
4. The Searchers
5. Meet Me in St. Louis
6. Show Boat
7. To Be Or Not To Be
8. Once Upon A Honeymoon
9. Dodge City
10. Roman Holiday
11. The Wizard of Oz
12. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Ok. Now, please don't... um... kill me. There's a perfectly good reason for each and every one of those movies. I like to think that I'm not alone in this... What about you? Are there any classics that you didn't particularly care for? Any of these you agree on?


  1. There are plenty of classics I haven't liked either. Lawrence of Arabia and Chinatown come to mind first. I kind of get a lot of negativity for the last one, like "You need to watch it again," or "You just missed a lot of details," or something. But, I think it is perfectly fine not to like movies other consider great, if that's your opinion. I am also not a big fan of The Searchers and Gigi.

    I do like Gone with the Wind, but I have always understood the other side of it. None of the characters, with the exception of Melanie, are likeable at all, but I still enjoy watching their drama!

  2. Do you dislike both versions of showboat? just curious. ;) I have strange love for the story line for some reason. And I'm also with you in the not crazy about wizard of oz camp. It's a strange place to be.

  3. Meet Me in St. Louis, really? Well to each his own! I can understand Once Upon A Honeymoon. I think that movie for me what I enjoy about it isn't so much the movie its self its...them! ;)

  4. Oh, wow, so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about GWTW. I think it's entertaining, but the characters I liked died and it was just a lot of drama. I'm willing to give it a second chance, though. And I don't understand The Wizard of Oz cult. I think it's a creepy, weird movie. I definitely have a similar list of classics that I disliked. I fear I would be impaled or something if I admitted them all, though. :)

  5. I'm with you on a ton of those! Wizard of Oz, Willie Wonka (scccary!), Roman Holiday (so sad)... You are brave to admit them, though!

  6. I concede the dark humor of "To Be Or Not To Be" (I presume you are referring to the 1942 original and not the Mel Brooks remake) isn't for all tastes, but it's Ernst Lubitsch, and thus sublime. And Carole Lombard left us at her most elegant.

  7. I agree, it's brave of you to admit them! Though I must admit GWTW is a favorite of mine - mainly because of the book and because Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh embody the characters 110%. They're wonderfully impertinent - and yet, they're more complex and fascinating. I find I somehow understand them more. The ending is great, because of its anticlimax. It contradicts the whole epic drama thing the story is all about. Well, I could go on, but I get you anyway. Many musicals can be a drag, but An American in Paris is stunningly made, so I'd recommend you to watch it just for the music and set design (and Gene Kelly) ;). And Roman Holiday, too, for Audrey's impressive performance and Rome's beauty. (Sorry for the long comment).


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