Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There's gold in the moon

I know this is a favorite costume among classic film lovers, but I'm going to post an unoriginal sentiment with this fashion post.

How cute is Ginger's dress in Carefree?

I also love photos of composers so this photo has multiple layers of awesomeness: Ginger, Fred, Irving, dress!

I watched Road to Rio the other night and found a dress with similar sentiment. It's also super cute but in a totally different way. I'm definitely going to try and get this design on a shirt (maybe on a smaller scale though). [dress is shown at 5:17]

Photos found here and here.


  1. That dress is one of the prettiest of Ginger :)

  2. ...VERY cute... I remember I got everyone all riled up awhile back when I THOUGHT I remembered seeing a pic of Ginger in a 'contrasting' dress of the same design...a 'cream colored' with the hearts/arrows' design...but y'know, I guess I just dreamed that up...imagine that...
    Anyway, it's an awesome one, to be sure.

    Every time I see the GandF / Irv pic, I'm wondering if they are discussing who gets to sing 'The Yam'... not one of Irv's best, but...Ginger could sing the phone book backwards and in Swahili, with a mouthful of pretzels and I would swoon... like I have to tell y'all that... :-]

    KIG, y'all...K-I-G...



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