Monday, June 6, 2011

Give him his breakfast.

One of my favorite things about Fred and Ginger movies - besides the dancing and the music and the costumes is the dialogue. Their scenes are so much fun! Of course there's very little plot to them, but that doesn't take away from the witty banter. Their chemistry is reflected in their non-dancing scenes as much as in their dancing ones. Here's the tricky part: finding such scenes on YouTube. I finally found one and it happens to be one that I love!


  1. Good stuff, Sally!

    You know, I guess I really haven't watched 'Divorcee' all that much, since I really wasn't familiar with that scene - I know it is towards the end, of course, but I think after Ginger sings The Continental, I take a good half hour to recover from my woozyness :-]

    I am looking for the 'Ginger intro' scenes from Swing Time and maybe Top Hat... I am thinking of putting together something with them... if not on YouTube, maybe elsewhere...

    I agree that GandF movies are quite predictable, but it's how ya get there that is the point, right? The 'Tonetti' fellow is pretty funny, and of course, Eric Blore is always a hoot...he can crack me up with just his facial expressions... and while we're at it. Fred is really pretty good at delivering lines, I think...I have heard folks say he is mediocre as a actor, but he seems as good or even better than most of them from the era, at least in the 'screwball musical' genre... er, well, probably a pretty limited gere, granted, but still...

    ok - thanks, Sally - KIG!!!


  2. Like VKMfan, I have barely watched Divorcee! But I adore their repartee! So much fun.


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