Monday, June 13, 2011

It's been 24 for a long time.

I really did not like Once Upon A Honeymoon. I get mad when I think a movie is going to be a comedy and it turns out to be a drama. I feel cheated. Particularly when there is so much promise. Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers are so great together. The fact that they had chemistry on and off the screen makes their onscreen chemistry all the more exciting. Can you imagine them being paired in a comedy among Ginger's other great comedies like Vivacious Lady and Bachelor Mother? It was the same that Cary was off being amazing in his own comedies like The Awful Truth and Bringing Up Baby. A late 30's comedy with Ginger and Cary would have been fantastic. Ah well. At least I can have this scene. It leaves me in stitches every time.


  1. I agree with everything you said. Yes, that scene is best thing from that film! Well, at least Cary & Ginger did "Monkey Business" later, which was very good :)

    I remember I included this movie in "My top 10 average/bad movies with terrific actors":


  2. I know what you mean! I hate how movies can be misleading like that. Especially when I'm really in the mood for a comedy and get stuck with something else. So depressing! I do love both these actors though.

  3. Totally concur, Sally... it is quite a 'skitzo' movie, one minute being comedic, the next dead serious... you can do that in movies, but this one was over all too 'disjointed'...but, having said that, Ginger and Cary had some great scenes in it, even after their 'initial meeting' - and Ginger was just totally devastating in this one...the late 30's/early 40's was to me Ginger at her 'peak Gingeryness' and beauty.
    Also, as to the movie issue, ya gotta remember the 'real time' of this movie, just after the U.S. jumped into was kind of hard to do comedy at that time...think of the weeks after 9/11...the late night shows were 'muted' for a few weeks, as it's tough to 'lighten up' such an extreme situation. If this movie would have been done even a few years earlier, it MAY have been a bit more on the 'comedic' side throughout...although bottom line, it's still about war. And it really needed to be 'trimmed' (edited) down about 15-20 minutes or so...
    BTW, does the Baron dude (Walter Slezak) remind anyone else of Mario Batali on Iron Chef?
    Yes, Ginger and Cary would have been awesome in numerous other fact, maybe an idea has been born for a future topic...thanks, Sally! :-]

    KIG, y'all!

  4. I completely agree with everything you said here. :)


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