Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That son of a gun in Haiti has got the prettiest hat I own.

So, ahem, two months later, here's the next addition to my fashion inspiration series. It took me a little while to get it together. It's really easy to find super cute outfits in movies and really easy to find vintage-y outfits online, but to find ones that coincide is harder than I'd thought it would be. Plus, I'm trying to avoid having all of my outfits be super casual because super casual outfits all kind of looked a little similar - different, but similar. Anyway, this is an outfit that I absolutely adore. It's actually a whole bunch of outfits. The scene is "I Left My Hat In Haiti" from Royal Wedding. And the outfits in this scene are absolutely phenomenal. Take a look:

In a word: amazing. I love the mismatchiness. But I have to tell you, you would not believe how difficult it was for me to find outfits like this online. Now, I've used this scene as inspiration for myself before. I wear a sort of peasant skirt and a Mexican-esque top with a scarf around my hip and a scarf around my neck and a fedora. That's not quite what the outfit is. While there's no call to be exact because it is just an inspiration (for instance, the hat I've picked out isn't blue-gray, it's straw), I think it's important to get the pieces to be basically the same idea. The individual pieces all put together make the outfits in the scene so fantastic - the flowy floral skirts, the bright tops, the different colored scarves all over, the ballet shoes, and the hats combined with scarves. So, here's what I came up with:

the top - I realize I talked about how much I love the brightly colored tops but I was having trouble finding some that had the island look about them and that would looked good tucked in. Using the girl on the left-hand side of the second picture as my main inspiration, I decided that the outfit would be just as cute with a more neutral top. This one is from Modcloth.

the skirt - my goal in this piece was to find something that came just below the knees, that was made of flowy fabric, and, preferably, floral print. By the description, I think this one fits the bill. I found it at Anthropologie.

the shoes - aren't they adorable? I found them at Modcloth.

the scarves - I found them both at Modcloth: here and here. Honestly, I would choose just one and then dig through your closet to find a couple of handkerchiefs for your neck and head. I have obtained a few over the years but I don't know where you can buy fashionable handkerchiefs. Any suggestions?

finally, the hat - Again, this is not a blue-gray fedora but a straw one. While I do think there is much to be said in attention to detail, I really have to admit that the odds of someone getting where your outfit is from and then being offended that you are not exactly 100% accurate in your replication of it are pretty darn slim. If you're looking for a cute hat, Urban Outfitters always has an abundance of them, like this one.


  1. Ohhh, fantastic inspiration and picks! I really love the skirt and shoes!

  2. You are out of control! You KNOW I love you, but... Yes the hat is perfect, brings the modern back to it's own roots... The neutral top is fantastic, makes the rest of the crazy family seem to all get along! Much to be said for that... All right. It's settled, you need pack your bags and rock this in Hollywood. We're all here waiting for you! Beijos, UD

  3. I love this! And even if no one gets the reference this is still a really fun look. I'm a far cry from a fashionista but this one I may have to try a version of.

  4. Love, love! Steamy and fun at the same time.


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