Friday, July 22, 2011

"We got a lot of votes from the farmers with a picture of a prize heifer."

Last week's quote: "If you like chicken, grab a wing" was from The Harvey Girls. The song was sung by Angela Lansbury in her "Oh, You Kid," song which was written by Mercer and Warren.

This week's quote is: "We got a lot of votes from the farmers with a picture of a prize heifer."


  1. I believe this is from "Roberta." Fred Astaire says it to Ginger before they dance to "Hard to Handle."

  2. Oh, I know I know this one! It's from a Fred and Ginger movie. I'm just trying to decide if it was *Roberta* or *Follow the Fleet*. I guess I'll go with *Roberta*. I can even remember what Ginger is wearing and what they are doing, I'm just not sure on the film!

  3. ...I have no idea...honestly, I need to go back over some of the GandF films...I know Shall We Dance, Carefree, and 'FTF' backwards and forwards...but others, like Roberta and the Castles, I'm just not as familiar with... well, I know Ginger is perfect in them, of course...
    It seemed like there was a bit of 'witty sarcasm' there before the Hard to Handle scene... pretty sure it is NOT from FTF, tho... although I've been known to be wrong, believe it or not... :-}

    KIG, Sally!


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