Monday, November 14, 2011

and in Italy, everybody sings

Exciting news!!! I found one of my all-time favorite scenes from Hit the Deck on YouTube! Ah, YouTube. Seriously, what would I do without it? Anyway, this scene is one of my favorites because a) Vic Damone sings b) the song is cute and c) everybody in this scene has such good chemistry. It's incredible! I'm going to be honest; I'm not always very good at pointing out who has good chemistry with who. But. In this scene, I'm so caught up with how much fun they seem to be having with each other. You really feel like they get along famously. It's little things.
Like when:
Kay Arden winks at Tony Martin as she hands him his wine
and when Debbie Reynolds tugs on Russ Tamblyn's tie to tell him to sing
and then when Russ Tamblyn laughs after singing (probably because he really isn't)
and when Debbie Reynolds pulls Russ Tamblyn's arm closer around her and leans on his hand
and when Russ Tamblyn leans his head on Kay Arden's shoulder
and when they all dance around the room and switch partners as if it's a surprise
and when Jane Powell whispers something to Vic Damone and he laughs
and when Kay Arden taps Debbie Reynolds under the chin

can you tell I've watched this scene a couple of times?
Ahem. Yeah, I really like it. It's so fun to watch. And it's fun to sing. Try it.

Do tell me what you think of this scene!


  1. Aww! Very cute and happy! I need to see this film!

  2. Charming! It makes me think of another spontaneous scene from a movie that I love: "The Night They Invented Champagne" number from "Gigi".



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