Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gee, gee, gee...

It seems that photographers loved to take photos of Cyd Charisse at odd angles and interesting poses, but this one of her in a bathing suit is simply sweet and lovely. She was often cast in femme fatale type roles, like her performances in the "Broadway Melody ballet" from Singin' in the Rain, the "Girl Hunt ballet" from The Band Wagon, and the "Frankie and Johnny" number in Meet Me In Las Vegas, so this picture is a refreshing change. Cyd Charisse seems way too nice to have actually been much of a femme fatale, don't you think?

Photo from Doctor Macro


  1. She does look to sweet there, doesn't seem to have that "predator" look that femme fatales had. But like you said, it's refreshing. She was really pretty.

  2. Aww! I LOVE this! She looks so darling. I agree she seems much nicer than her roles.