Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Can I be frank?"

I'm so sorry I stumped the panel!!! Completely not intentional, I assure you. The quote: "peanuts, care for?" is from It Should Happen To You. I just think it's funny the way she says it, which is why I always think of it.

Now, for this month's quote. [P.S. I plan to eventually go back to a quote of the week - baby steps] I thought I'd change it up this time and do a fill in the blank version. So, this is really more dialogue than a quote. But, if you can fill in the blank, then I'll know you know the movie. Okay. Here we go:

"Can I be frank?"
"Is that your name?"
"No, it's ____."
"All right. Be Frank."

To be dreadfully honest, I'm not entirely sure if that last statement is frank with "F" or "f". Ah well. You get the idea.