Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little more of your amor

Today is my video post day but I wanted to discuss something as well as post a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. This past week I've watched some very interesting movies that have got me thinking - Gene Kelly: Anatomy of a Dancer and Latin Lovers. Now, goodness knows I would love to have a Fred Astaire, a Donald O'Connor, or a Danny Kaye of my very own. But, there's definitely something very valid to be said about having a man like Gene Kelly or Ricardo Montalban leading you in dance. I watch something like this:

or the jazz sequence in "Broadway Melody" and I can't take my eyes off of their strong arms, their manly physique. You can see them leading the girls. I watch this and yearn most pitifully for a dance partner like that.

What manly men do you dream of dancing with?

P.S. Latin Lovers was very odd and had a really wackadoo plotline and I would most certainly not want a machismo latin lover telling me what to do (not even Ricardo Montalban... okay maybe I'd make an exception) but despite these sentiments, I do get a great deal of enjoyment out of seeing bits like this throughout the film (my favorite part starts at about the 2 minute mark).


  1. I recently watched ANATOMY OF A DANCER as well! I wanted to see their segment on Gene Kelly's TV special about dancers and athletes, since getting a copy of that show is next to impossible.

    Montalban's much-celebrated "Dance of Fury" in THE KISSING BANDIT, is simultaneously steamy and hilarious. Another favorite is the "My Heart Beats Faster" number in NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER where he not only dances with Esther Williams, he serenades her.

    Love Rita Moreno!
    - Java

  2. Hmm, a man I'd want to dance with? My mind keeps going to a certain scene in Criss Cross. (You'll be able to find it on YouTube.) All I can say is God, Yvonne, how I envy you.

  3. Oh dear, you know my Gene Kelly obsession, I'm sure. He is just SO manly, I'd think it'd make his partners feel SO, I don't know, womanly.

  4. Gene Kelly! The Barn Dance in Summer Stock never fails to make me smile!

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