Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All this has happened before...

Time for movie #36 in my movie count-up!

Peter Pan (1953)

This is my favorite animated Disney film. I'm totally a Peter Pan fan-girl, and a bit of a purist. Ironically, I'm not a purist in terms of the book too terribly much, as the animated film does not follow the book entirely accurately. But I am a purist in other ridiculous ways in that I staunchly avoid the Tinker Bell movies because I hate that they completely changed her personality, I strongly disliked Return to Never Land, and I'm not too crazy about the new "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" show on Disney Jr. But enough about my Peter Pan puritanism.

A couple of interesting bits of trivia for you: in accordance with tradition, Hans Conried voices both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook; this was the last animated Disney film in which all nine members of the Nine Old Men worked together on it as directing animators. Neat, huh?

I love everything about this movie. I love the way it opens, the way it ends. I love the hero, the girl, the villain, the supporting characters, the music, the animation. Here is the opening sequence. Every time I merely start the film, I get all excited about how magical it is...

Something that fascinates me is that everyone has a completely different favorite Disney film. I know this may seem obvious but I find it intriguing. These are the movies we grew up with. These are the movies we associate with childhood, magic, romance. I told my friend that htis was my favorite and she said it never even makes it on her radar; she often forgets about it. Her favorite is Hercules, which I have watched maybe twice - I often forget about that one. While Mary Poppins is probably my all-time favorite Disney movie, I don't really consider it an animated film, which makes this my favorite animated film. What about you? What's your favorite animated Disney film?


  1. If this were a Facebook post this would be my responsse *Like!* *Love*!

    Dont know if you know but Im a HUGE Disney fan! I can understand your reservations about the newer stuff but how do you feel about Hook? Easily one of my favorite movies. I guess it appeals to the part of me that will never grow up! And its got some GREAT lines! "Its Snowing...*door slams*! HAHAHAHA

    Oh and Mary Poppins - girl after my own heart...that MAYbe my favorite movie of all time!

  2. Love Mary Poppins! I think my favorite is a tie between Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast. Although I love Cinderella too. And Aristocats. Aagh! Too hard to choose!

  3. My favorites are Pinocchio and 101 Dalmatians.

  4. Peter Pan has always been one of my fav. I was in love with Peter Pan when I was little ^^.
    I can't think of a favorite Disney, I love them to much lol Maybe Lady and the Tramp, or Peter Pan, or The Little Mermaid, or Sleeping Beauty, or the Lion King.


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