Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pardon me, I was using the subjunctive instead of the past tense. We're way past tents; we're living in bungalows now.

Yowza! I'm so bad at this whole keeping on track thing. Yeesh. Ah well. To tie up a forgotten loose end:

the results of the Marx brothers poll have been up for a while, but in case you missed them (goodness knows I did!) - Groucho won with 46% percent (6) of the votes, Harpo came in second with 30% (4), Chico with 15% (2), and Zeppo 7% (1). Wow. So, Groucho won by a significant amount. I can't say I'm surprised as he is the most quoted of the Marx brothers. (ie the title of my post)

Right, so moving on... I completely and utterly missed last week's posts. Yes, both of them. It's a bit depressing. Can I make up for it now by posting a few really awesome photos? You'll love these; I'm sure of it (well, I hope of it, anyway).

I have no idea how these types of photos are even taken but I'd love to learn. I assume it takes gobs of nice equipment or else a very good understanding of lighting. At any rate, I think you'll get the pattern here:

I found it here

Sorry! I don't know where I found this one!

I found it here

How amazing are those photos? I was actually going to post a fourth but then I realized that the background wasn't black which was kind of the theme, so I'll just save it for later. I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Marvellous pictures!

    I had a tough time to choose only one Marx Brother.. I think there are such a great team. :")

  2. I LOVE those photos! They are so stunning. :)

  3. Here is another one of Douglas Fairbanks:


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