Tuesday, December 5, 2017

That's what I just said

First post of December!

I'm going to a crafting post today. Why? Because I already have a craft to share. Convenient, eh?

One thing I've discovered about myself as an adult is that I love word art. I'm guessing it has something to do with my addiction to movies and how I tend to watch movies over and over again until I have them memorized. Depending on who I'm with, quoting movies can integrate seamlessly into the way I talk (when I'm with my sisters especially). Even when I'm with people who I know won't get the references, I still quote movies and then explain them to my friends (My friends are really quite patient people). So, it stands to reason that any art I create tends to have words involved - paintings, coasters, even embroidery often includes quotes.

So, when I was working through the A-Z crafting project last year, I decided on P for Painting and made up a piece. This is one of my favorite jokes in White Christmas (1954) and it's a line my sisters and I often quote when we talk about the movie.

For the background, I decided to use the little fake mountain scene the characters create in the dining car when they sing "Snow." I was always intrigued by that scene when I was younger because it took me years to catch the moment when Phil and Betty create it. And I always thought it was a crazy how fast the little sculpture appeared.

Anyone else make art based on movie quotes?

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