Saturday, February 12, 2011

Honey, you're the cutest piggy bank in town

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday so I owe you a fashion post.

First, I want to thank everyone who commented with suggestions for seduction scenes. I plan to use every one of your suggestions!

In my search for seduction scenes, my search has slowly crept into a basic sexy scene search. One of the results is this awesome kiss [0:20] from Kiss Me Kate. How does Tommy Rall do that with his cigarette? I'm intrigued, fascinated, and very attracted. I'm pretty sure this kiss will make its way into my vid.

This, actually has nothing to do with my fashion post. I was going to talk about Ann Miller's dress but I think I actually want to talk about something completely different and it's this super cute style... the whole cut-out in front thing. Now, I could have sworn I watched a movie the other day where there was a bow right above the cut out, but I currently cannot for the life of me remember which movie this was. So, I'll use the one I do remember - this dress from The Lady Eve. I actually really like it when It's a complete dress, not a two-piece, but you get the idea.


  1. ...Lady Eve... yepyepyep, that's a pretty awesome scene!

    ...which reminds me... the scene Henry did with Ginger in 'Tales of Manhattan' is pretty awesome as well... all I can say is that Fonda dude was one lucky pup!!! :-P

    Well, as to the last 'quote' (peanut, care for?)...looks like ya stumped the panel, Sally! Which isn't that hard when Huey is on it :-]


  2. This scene is scene is great :)
    I love Barbara's outfit, and hair

  3. Huey you beat me to it! I said if youre looking for an awesome kiss check out Tales in Manhattan!

  4. love that outfit (and the lady eve!)


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