Friday, February 4, 2011

"Peanut, care for?"

So quote time!

A big thank you and good job to everyone who guessed last month's quote correctly: Lisa, Wendymoon, Amanda Cooper, SassyGinger, Mel, ALD1296, and Emma! Hooray!!!

This month's quote is:

"Peanut, care for?"


  1. Hi, Sally!

    oof...not a CLUE about that one... but, since I look to be the first to comment, here goes... maybe the 'poll' gives us a clue... so, how about from Chico in 'Animal Crackers'? Some encounter with a pugnacious pachyderm, perhaps? Just a WILD guess which is probably WAY off...

    Anyway, hope all is well in Mickeyville! I'm up in Alabama, and the weather has been a bit more 'wintery mix'-oriented than we are used to... ice and snow pose uber-problems for us, no doubt...

    KIG, Sally!

  2. Hm... not sure about this one, but I'll take a stab at it. Is it from "The Gilded Lily"?


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