Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I may be wonderful but I think you're wrong

So now, #35 on my list:

Animal Crackers (1930)

This movie is actually tied with Monkey Business in my list of favorite Marx brothers films (so far) but I watched this one more recently, so I'm reviewing it first.

The basic summary of the film is this: when the heroic Captain Spaulding (Groucho) returns from Africa, Mrs. Rittenhouse (Margaret Dumont) plans a big celebration, including the unveiling of a great painting. When practically everyone in the house schemes to switch the painting with a duplicate, however, chaos ensues. It's up to the Marx brothers to find the culprit... or to not get caught being one!

Unfortunately, I don't have much to offer as far as trivia goes. I don't know much about the marvelous Marx brothers, but I'd like to. (Any suggested reading?)

What I do know is that I love the Marx brothers. It's a love that grows every time I watch one of their movies (okay, almost every time - I wasn't crazy about Love Happy). I love Groucho's one-liners and Chico's puns. And in Animal Crackers I even enjoyed Harpo's bits of zaniness (the leg gag really had me cracking up). I had watched the movie a) because it was on my list of movies to watch and b) because my very good friend told me that the scene where Chico plays the piano is hilarious. Well, I watched that scene where Chico plays the piano... and I was dying. So unbelievably funny!!

My other favorite part was probably this scene with Chico and Groucho (it's where I got the title of my post). But really there were so many good scenes and so many fantastic moments. If you haven't seen it, you definitely should add it to your to-see list.

In the meantime, I'm including a poll. Do weigh in as I'm curious to see the results! I'm leaving this poll up all month.

Oh, and P.S. I'm uploading a new Valentine's day video on my YouTube channel. Check it out!


  1. This is my current favorite movie!! I think I've watched it twenty times since the first of the year. :)

  2. I LOVE this movie and this happens to be my favorite scene! Chico is my absolute soulmate.


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