Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you like hats?

Here's another movie that I want to see: Lovely to Look At. Actually, like The Affairs of Dobie Gillis, I caught the end of it on TCM. I know it won't quite hold a candle to Roberta but it doesn't have to. It just has to be a good movie with some really great scenes. Actually, it just has to have some really great scenes and I'll be sold. Actually, it already has some really great scenes and I'm already sold so can I please just see this movie?

Here's one of the reasons I want to see it:

There's a very good chance I've already posted this scene but I don't really care. It's so good!

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  1. Yep. That's a pretty good routine. I'm surprised that they're not better known.

    Speaking of not better known........I would like to recommend "It's Always Fair Weather" for your consideration. All the musical performances are first rate. Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse are amazing. My favorite number is Dolores Gray's "Thanks a Lot But No Thanks". I love it more than I can say. The movie has a bittersweet ending and lacks the closure of a typical musical. It's cynical too. I would enjoy reading your take on this film.



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