Monday, October 24, 2011

It suits her zodiac

I absolutely love my investment of the That's Entertainment! boxed set. No, I don't watch the movies very much. I didn't really expect to. But, I have so many wonderful musical numbers at my fingertips whenever I want them. Like these little gems. The second one is an outtake. Oh, how I love Volume 3 for all of the outtakes! If you haven't seen the That's Entertainment trilogy and you're a fan of musicals - you must check them out. They're well worth the watch. And you'd be surprised by how many movies you'll discover you absolutely need to see!

P.S. I love her dress in the outtake scene (which is the second one). In a less exaggerated and costume-y version, I'm pretty sure I'd love to wear it. It's so cute!

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