Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It seems to me

First order of business: poll results! Bob Fosse won the poll for favorite suitor in Kiss Me Kate. It was a pretty sweeping victory. There were 6 votes, of which he got 4. (Tommy Rall and Bobby Van received one each) I think his sexy, jazzy choreography may have had something to do with it... what do you think?

Now, for my post this week, I'm going to do something daring and different: I'm going to combine two segments together!! Okay, so that's not too drastic, especially considering the fact that I've done it in a lesser degree before. But just the same. I want to highlight a dance that I love and also discuss the dress, posting a poll about the dress afterwards.

The dance is the "Dig It" number in Second Chorus (1940), performed by Fred Astaire and Paulette Goddard. I love this song. The tempo is so catchy and it looks like so much fun! This is one of the many, many numbers for which I'd love to learn the choreography.

As for the dress: I love it. I love the contrast. I love the white underneath. I love the way it moves. Which brings me to a topic that I find endlessly interesting. When you watch black and white films, what color do you think the dresses are? For years, I assumed that the dresses were all various shades of white, gray, and black. I realized, years later, that this was rather improbable. Some of the dresses I would prefer as white, gray, or black, but some might look nice with color. For example, Paulette Goddard's dress: white and black? Or perhaps white and navy blue? White and maroon? There are many possibilities and it's the case with any dress in black and white films. So, that's my poll for the week: when you watch black and white films, do you assume the dress is a shade of black, white, or gray? Or do you mentally paint it with the color you think would be best?

And for the discussion's sake, feel free to describe a dress that you love, explaining what color you think it might be. For example, I would love to see this outfit in a palette of browns and tans. How lovely!

P.S. I now have 35 followers! Hooray! I've decided that when I get to 50, I'm going to do a giveaway. Exciting, no?


  1. I know the dresses are in color, some of them I've even seen color pictures of, but when I'm watching the movies, darn it, I still think they're black white and grey. I actually prefer them that way, most of the time... it just seems so classy, this world with no color :)

  2. I love this song so much! And I am a black and white girl, for the most part! There are a couple dresses that seem cream rather than grey, I think. I love Ginger's dress in "Pick Yourself Up" - that seems navy to me.

    And giveaway exciting? Yes.

  3. great song! i love everything about it, the time period, the genre, the gorgeous crooners :)

    i actually have a picture of fred astaire on my wall. lol

  4. hehe :D
    thank you, i like your profile picture...
    i LOVE Audrey...
    Have a lovely day ok!


  5. Gorgeous blog lovely! And i am totally a black and white girl. It is much more classic

  6. Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by my blog. i'm a rather new classic movie enthusiast and your blog has given me so much insights.. Thanks a lot! To answer your question, i assume the costume to be in black, white, and grey.. it's just what make it feel 'classic' :)

  7. I too love this cute! I like the black and white look...I had a dress like this once, black and white...very tricky to sew! But I agree with Emma, about the "Pick Yourself Up" dress...I see it in navy and it is one of my faves...although the "Face the Music and Dance" dress is spectacular! black!

  8. Hey there lady, love the blog!! That dress is really cute. When I watch old black and white movies, I will visualize the color that I think the dress was. Very interesting post, never thought about it before. Thanks for stopping by my blog, following you now :)

  9. Oh I have often wondered this too ! I immediatly think of the movie Ziegfeld Girl with this question for some reason. Maybe that's why I love old movies so much, I have to imagine a few things on my own. Hey guess what ? You have one more follower !


  10. Love your blog, and I'm now a follower :)

  11. Hmm, why don't they make movies like these anymore? I miss watching all the old movies/musicals like oliver, poor little rich girl and gone with the wind. I too wish I could break out into a dance in the middle of nowhere:P

    p.s. I'll love to help you out in hitting 50 followers too:)


  12. Such a great blog - I never really think about this! Hmmm, I'm going to pay special attention to it now...


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