Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's his crest? A hamburger smothered with onions?

Now, for the next movie in my countup:

#11: Kiss Me Kate (1953)

This movie was one of the first films I owned (on VHS, that is). My grandparents bought it for me without watching it first (and a good thing they didn't, because they disapproved of it when I later showed it to them). I love everyone in it. Howard Keel and Kathyrn Grayson are both on top 20 lists and Ann Miller, Bobby Van, Bob Fosse, and Tommy Rall are all on future lists! This movie has so much great dialogue ("All right. I give up. What is it? The headlight of a locomotive?") and so many wonderful songs by the great Cole Porter (it took me years to realize that it's not actually Cole Porter playing a cameo), and some lovely dresses. Not to mention that the dancing is terrific! The movie shows that you get magic when you put 6 incredible dancers together (you'll find the link to the dance later in the post) and that Kathryn Grayson looks good as a blonde and a redhead!

Now, usually at this time of the week, I give you the poll results. But the polls are still going, so I'll wait until Thursday. Despite the fact that I already have 2 polls up, I'm going to add a third (wow! 3 polls! that's intense!) as I usually do with my Tuesday posts. Which of Bianca's suitors is your favorite? In the original Shakespeare play, it's pretty clear which suitor the audience should be rooting for. But in the musical, they complicate things by making them dancers - and dancers with different styles at that. So, which do you like best? Gremio (Bobby Van), Hortensio (Bob Fosse), or Lucentio (Tommy Rall)? You can choose them based on wooing style:

Gremio: "to give a social lift to thy position"
Hortensio: "if thou wouldst attain the upper brackets"
Lucentio: "if on love unending thou art pining"

...or dancing style or on simple good looks:

(from top to bottom: Bob Fosse, Tommy Rall, Bobby Van)

It doesn't matter how or why you make your decision, I'm just curious to know which is the favorite of the suitors. I have two sisters and, growing up, we all favored a different one, so I want to know what you think. Have fun voting!


  1. Oh! I love this film! Kathryn Grayson is one of my all-time favorites - she's so versatile and appealing in everything I've seen her!

    And no film could be bad with those Cole Porter songs! "And the women you will wow..."


  2. YES! I ADORE this film. One of my top 5 musicals. It's not only just a "musical" with brilliant music. But, then you have BRILLIANT dancing. And hilarious dialogue. Gosh, now, I want to go watch it....

  3. I admit Grayson and Keel didn't really do much for me, but Ann Miller! Wow! The choreography is amazing and just the whole bright, candy-coated jewel box feeling of all the musical numbers.

    Brush up your Shakespeare is great too.


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