Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And if you want some dig-dig-dignity

Yay! A new fashion post! This one is kind of an odd one because it's really really easy... but, as this is an outfit I've really liked for a very long time, I think it's worth doing a post about, yes?

Ok. Here's a video clip with the outfit in it:

I've always loved this scene. Not only because it has Gene Kelly and it's a fun song but because the outfits are all so cute! They're so very 1950's and so casual. I love them all! But, my favorite is the one being worn by Jeanne Coyne (Gene's wife! but not at this time). The one on the left:

This is such a classic and easy outfit but I really like the way it's pulled together here. I love the tucked-in shirt, the big belt, the cuffed jeans, the rolled sleeves, and the loafers. I'm not entirely sure I'd go for socks these days... but maybe!

the shirt - this one is from Old Navy. The sleeves are already rolled up so it's ready to go! I also like that it's a neutral color but it's not white. It's kind of pinkish, just like her shirt! Yay!

the jeans - obviously, everyone has a pair of jeans they love. I'm still working on finding a good pair for me. For this outfit, however, I think a pair with a skinnier cut would be best so you could roll them up to better effect. This particular pair is from Old Navy.

the belt - I found surprisingly difficult to find a big brown leather belt with a simple buckle. I don't know why. I finally found this one at Urban Outfitters.

the shoes - these really are what pull this outfit together, in my mind. Well, these and the belt. But the outfit is so very simple that having really cute and unique shoes are what I think will make this outfit look vintage-inspired. This pair is from the one and only Modcloth.

I hope you liked this outfit post! I feel so silly writing about such a simple outfit but there's a lot to be said for simplicity. And a good classic look can go a long way.


  1. Love it! Lydia Reed, the little girl who plays the younger Lord sister in High Society (1956) also wears this outfit, though I believe the shirt is red gingham.

  2. Nice post! I love how you scouted out all the pieces!


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