Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm in love... with a voice.

So, I'm starting a new series all of a sudden. I don't know why. I just had a sudden urge. These are going to primarily get posted on Tuesdays. I'm not sure whether they're going to be regular or not. And I'm not sure if they'll be themed. Here's the series: movies I want to watch.

The wonderful thing (well, one of the wonderful things) about interacting in the blogging world is that you get to exchange ideas with like-minded people in a very unique way. We don't have to have long drawn out conversations. I say my piece, you say your piece, someone else says their piece and then we're all done. It's so tidy! Anyway, I already have a list going of movies I love (my 100 movies which is sadly neglected of late) so I thought it'd be nice to have an opposite list: movies I want to watch. Then, if you've seen the movie, you can tell me what you think, whether or not you think I'd like it, and so on. If you haven't seen it but want to, then it might prove to be for your edification as well as for mine!

So, let's get started. I'm actually going to start off with two (yeesh! cheating already!) because I'm happen to be debating between the two as to which one I want to buy. I'm going to be risky and buy a movie I've never seen. Yipes! I'm pretty sure I'll be happy buying either one but which one will I like more? This is the difficulty. Here are the movies:

Three for the Show (1955) - Betty Grable, Jack Lemmon, Marge and Gower Champion.
All 4 of the leads are reasons to want to see this movie in my opinion.
I'm also fascinated by the fact that the Too Many Husbands/My Favorite Wife plot line spouted so many remakes. It's incredible! I believe this one has a great deal of potential as it adds a very crucial plot point that was direly needed in predecessor Too Many Husbands - a fourth character to the love triangle. We're supposed to like both of the husbands. She's supposed to want both of them. We can't have one husband be likable and the other one unlikable; otherwise it's too obvious a choice and we'd wonder why she married him in the first place. With a second girl in the mix, we get a satisfying ending, a more palatable ending. I'm beginning to really, truly love Marge and Gower Champion and I want to see them dance together some more. Thus the main reason for my wanting to buy this film.

Rich, Young And Pretty (1951) - Jane Powell, Vic Damone, Fernando Lamas.
Vic Damone. Need I say more? Also, Fernando Lamas. The guy was pretty horrible to little Esther Williams but he was awfully pretty.
To be honest, I know very little about the plot line. I'm in love with Vic Damone so that's my main reason for wanting this one. I really like Jane Powell too so I'd like to see them together. I've read they're very cute together in this one.

Any thoughts on either movie? Have you seen one or the other?


  1. I have only seen clips of musical numbers from THREE FOR THE SHOW. I'd want to watch it for the context of the dances [not to mention the stars dancing them]. Judging from some clips, this one will probably have more comic fare than RICH, YOUNG AND PRETTY.

    The latter is a soap opera-like dramatic musical for Jane Powell. Although she is cute with Vic Damone and they bring a lightness to the material whenever they are onscreen, the plot involves a mother (Danielle Darrieux) who abandons her husband(Wendell Corey) and young child (Powell), never to be seen again until a father-daughter trip to Paris about 15 years later where mom works in a night club. Problems abound since father has fibbed to daughter that mom has been dead for awhile.

    I guess you could buy the one you're more in the mood for right now. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe is always good. :)

  2. I haven't seen either one yet, so I'm not going to be much help, but I had to say that I thought another girl was needed in Too Many Husbands, and I think they actually had one... the secretary was obviously in love with (either Melvyn Douglas or Fred MacMurray I don't remember which one now!) and I thought that would have been a nice way to wrap up the movie :) I should probably re-watch it again to make sure I'm remembering this right though, lol!


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