Monday, December 5, 2011

It all started with...

Guess what? It's Walt Disney's 110th birthday! Happy Birthday, Walt! Hooray!!

Photo source here

Second of all, if you didn't catch it last time, I'm doing a blogathon: 12 Days of Christmas Movies. You can comment on either this post or the post I've linked to to sign up. There are still 6 more spots available. Now, for those who have already signed up, I want your input: would you like to do it like we did last year? Where we just posted and then, at the end, I did a list of everyone's posts?

- or, as David suggested, we have a timetable and everyone gets a day to do their posts?

Let me know what you think!!!***

***Okay, so Audrey mentioned a timetable would be too stressful. This is a pretty small blogathon and I'd like to keep it as stress-free, fun, and easy as possible. So, no timetable. But, let's have a bit of a deadline so I can have a chance to gather all of the posts up and compile my list. Can we have all of the posts done by the 23rd? That'll give me a couple of days to get a list. Thank you! If you haven't signed up yet, don't forget to let me know you're interested! And if you have signed up, don't forget to tell me when you've written your post!


  1. I like how we did it last year. Deadlines and time tables stress me out, LOL. :D


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