Friday, January 13, 2012

"How many Frenchmen can't be wrong?"

Last week's quote: "I'm not used to behaving horribly; it's been a great strain!" was from The Band Wagon and was said by Cyd Charisse to Fred Astaire. Good job to Amanda Cooper for guessing correctly!! Yay!!

This year, I'd like to tweak the quotes portion of my blog. As it is now, when someone comments with the right answer, the whole game pretty much ends. The whole idea behind the series was to revel in how much we know old movies. So, I'd like to add new rules: when you correctly guess the movie, you can comment by identifying the movie, the characters, the writers, the director, the preceding line/s or following line/s. That way, there's no ending to the game, really. And the conversation can keep going.

Now, for this week's quote: "How many Frenchmen can't be wrong?"

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  1. Groucho Marx. MONKEY BUSINESS. Watched it last night, for the second time this week. :)


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