Sunday, January 29, 2012

It will hit the spot

And of course, just because...

Every time I see this picture, I'm amazed by the physics of it. How on earth is he holding her by her fingers like that? Incredible!


  1. Amazing. They both had such incredible grace.

    New reader to your blog. Just love it!

  2. GandF flirted with the outer bounds of physics... with incredible results!

    What strikes me about this one is, this move was generally done (in the movie, anyway) with Fred 'propping' his leg on a table...I don't remember him just kicking his leg up and Ging flying over... dang they are just awesome.

    It's gonna be tough to get all the awesomeness into reviews of the GandF films...Rio was tough enough... I may have to do them in 'series' or something...oh well, a nice problem to have, right? :-)

    KIG, Sally!!!


  3. I remember reading somewhere (maybe the "Astaire and Rogers" book?) that these promotional photos were edited. They removed the table that his leg was actually propped up on, I guess to make it look more impressive. But I don't think that takes anything away from the beauty of it.


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