Thursday, November 19, 2009

They didn't have be-bop

Okay so for the fashion segment this time, I want to highlight a dress from On The Town (1949). Ann Miller wears it in the "Prehistoric Man" song. I love the sexy, classy style of the dress. It could easily be dressed up and dressed down. I've had my eye on this dress for years and my good friend and fellow blogger Miss Emma showed me this: you can buy it on ebay! I'm glad I got to show this to you because I love this store, so amazing. When I save up enough money, I'm definitely buying this dress.

What do you think? Thoughts? Like the dress or not quite your style? And I realize this is not the song highlighting segment but if I had the chance/guts I would definitely want to do this in a museum, wouldn't you?


  1. I love that dress! Anything shaped like a coat is fab, in my opinion. And of course, I love old dresses that shade of green. Which there seem to be a lot of~

  2. I love the and demure at the same time!! But of course, you wold have a hard time not breaking out in a dance when you wear it...


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