Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The world is full of a number of things. I'm sure we should all be as happy as...

I have a confession to make: I have a dreadful habit when I watch movies: I skim. Actually, I skim in general. I skim movies, I skim books, I even skim music sometimes. This doesn't mean, of course, that I don't like movies. I love them! I think movies are a fantastic art form and that they are a wonderful source for entertainment. However, I uphold a philosophy that if something is supposed to be enjoyable and isn't, then what's the point? That's why I skim. If I'm watching a movie and it gets depressing, disgusting, unpleasantly tense, or creepy, then I skim to a part that seems better.

Because of this, 2 hour movies can be watched in about 30-40 minutes, the way I watch them. My brother once made a joke that I should get through AFI's top 100 movies list and if I did it the way I watch movies, then I'd get through it in less than a month. I actually seriously considered taking up his joke, but I'm unsure. I've looked through the list and some of the movies simply don't seem like my cup of tea. That doesn't mean they're not good movies. I've watched movies that I didn't enjoy and I still call them good movies.

But I decided recently to make my own list of top 100 movies. And I've decided today to post up one movie a week - sort of like another segment but it won't go into the segment schedule. These movies won't be in any particular order. I think I'll have to decide that when I finish the list. Besides, I'm terrible at decisions; I'd probably flip-flop over #1 for ages.

So, in no particular order. I shall begin the list today. And, for the sake of keeping count, let's say this one is number one. I would give a little blurb as to why I've picked it... maybe I will in movies that are less obvious. I'm just afraid I'll end up saying the same things over and over again. These films are my favorites, my top 100. If you disagree, you are more than welcome to say so. Now without further ado....

#1 Singin' in the Rain (1952)


  1. I fully approve your choice. So are you choosing movies only that you like or are you including those movies that you don't like but are good movies?


  2. Hmmm. good question. I think I"ll stick to movies that I do like.. what I'm debating right now is whether I'll choose movies because I like them or because they meet a standard of good movies. And, frankly, I don't know what that standard should be! Do you have any recommendations?

  3. That is an interesting judgement call...things that are good but I don't like...I say stick to what you like...it is your list and you get to be the judge here...if they really were all that "good" (in your judgement) wouldn't you like them?


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