Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas isn't just a day; it's a frame of mind.

Today's choice was a tough decision. It's the last day to name a Christmas-y movie in time for Christmas and I was down to 2 choices: Miracle on 34th Street (1947) and It's A Wonderful Life (1946). In the end, I picked the former. I love It's A Wonderful Life but I just revisited Miracle on 34th Street this past week and it was such a lovely movie that I decided to go with it instead. I'm pretty sure I'll still have this list going by next Christmas (100 is a lot of movies) so I'm sure I'll get to It's A Wonderful Life by then. In the meantime...

#8 Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

I added this movie to my Netflix queue after Motion Picture Gems did a great write-up on it. Then I watched the trailer (I do love trailers) and there was no more decision left to make: I pushed it to the top of the queue. Speaking of Netflix queues, I have a film coming tomorrow that I'm very excited about (about which I'm excited - for all you grammatical experts out there). Christmas in Connecticut. I've never seen it (can you believe that?) and I can't wait! I've seen so many reviews for it lately and I feel as if I'm missing out on a classic.

The results are in on the White Christmas poll: out of 7 votes, 4 (57%) voted for the Crooner and 3 (42%) voted for the Comic. Thank you so much for voting!

The poll this week is about kids in Christmas movies. Which kid in a Christmas movie is your favorite? Susan from Miracle on 34th Street, Susan from White Christmas, Zuzu from It's A Wonderful Life, Daphne & Vanderbilt in Holiday Inn, or Debby in The Bishop's Wife? Have fun voting!

Oh, and speaking of holiday films, here's a holiday-centric vid to get you in the mood. The performer is Emma Wallace who has a lovely blog of her own and the video was edited by, well, me. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays! Thank you for reading and thank you to my 13th follower for following me!


  1. Oh, I just love that film! So happy and magical.

    P.S. I voted for the Crooner! Yay for sensitive boys!


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  3. Natalie Wood is adorable in this movie...and this is one of those mind-bending movies where one feels foolish and un-enligtened if one doesn't believe in Santa Claus. Love it!


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