Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No cuffs!

Poll results: Yet again, a landslide victory with The Adventures of Robin Hood this week. I'm really bad at this poll thing. I plan to make a better poll this week, I promise.

Now, I have a small announcement to make: today is my birthday! Hooray!! I don't usually write too much about myself on this blog but I think I might post pictures of my gifts later this week. Would that be okay? I got some genuinely awesome things and I want to share my excitement.

So, briefly, before I head out to celebrate, I wanted to name my movie of the week.

#5 Swing Time (1935)

I have to confess, I love this poster. It looks so happy! I'm a huge Fred and Ginger fan and this is definitely one of my favorite films of their collection (and of all time). There are so many great songs and so many great dances... which leads me to this week's poll: which is your favorite Fred and Ginger dance? I have to confess, I don't care for their last three movies quite as much so I only included "Bouncing the Blues." I'm sorry if I left out your favorite. To change things up a bit, I'm allowing everyone to vote for multiple choices so vote for your favorite 3 dances! I'll leave the poll up for 2 weeks this time because I think this is a pretty hefty decision!

And Happy December!!


  1. I think that pretty much of all the dances you posted, the majority I chose were the Swingtime ones! They're just so effervescent and that one sad one is so beautiful.

    Although you did leave of my fave: "All My Eggs in One Basket."

    And tremendous happy birthday wishes to you! I am glad it was so great!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...belatedly.... this is my FAVORITE Fred and Ginger dance...the one they do at the dance studio....maybe because it looks the most "natural" I always dreamed of dancing like that...


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