Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'll stick to them thousand-to-one shots.

I'm here to announce the winner of the giveaway [you may add a drumroll if you prefer]...

Lindsay Frost of Lindsay's Photography! Congratulations Lindsay!!! Woohoo!!

I chose the winner through

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway! It's so wonderful to have so many wonderful followers! It was a lot of fun to discover your favorite 40's musical. The most popular was decidedly Meet Me in St. Louis. Everyone seems to really like Tootie's character

although, for myself, I'm a little more partial to Judy Garland's fella:

He just so happens to be in my favorite '40's musical: Two Girls and a Sailor.

Thank you, once again, for entering my giveaway! I'm now going to go add the titles that I have not yet seen to my Netflix queue. After all, I do love 1940's musicals!


  1. Really? I think Tom Drake is kind of a dingy...okay atleast John Truitt is. Its kind of like how I feel about Dennis Morgan. I think Wyn Strafford is a moron but Dennis' smile can MELT me!

  2. I can never get enough of Meet Me in St. Louis! That was actually the first musical I remember seeing live in a theater. So great.

  3. It was so fun to participate in this giveaway :) Congrats to Lindsay, and thanks to Sally for organize it.
    I watched State Fair for the first time since it was mentioned several times too, and I liked it a lot. But I still think that nobody in 1940's musicals can beat Fred and Rita dancing together :p Well, maybe Judy
    Garland dancing and singing with little sister 'Tootie'.

  4. Haha who wouldn't love John Truitt?

  5. Congratulations, Lindsay! And great giveaway, Sally! I'm surprised not everyone picked a Gene Kelly film! He made all the best 40s musicals!


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