Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Okay, coming down to my favorite 3 male dancers. As I said before, I've written my favorite solos and then my favorite dances. However, I'm making an exception to this with #3 as I really don't know of many of his solos. So, here we go:

3. Bob Fosse

My favorite ever of his dances is the solo in "From This Moment On" in Kiss Me Kate. (Sexiest entrance into a dance ever!!)

Close seconds are: "Who's Got the Pain" in Damn Yankees

this number is so much fun! My roommate and I used to watch it all the time. She'd randomly send me a text message that said "erp!" Yeah, we're ridiculous, but it was fun.

and his duet with Tommy Rall in My Sister Eileen (every time they break out into the tap dancing part, I get all excited! I'm not sure why...)

I think Bob Fosse is exceptional because he created a dancing style all his own. I've been in show choirs and dance routines and I can't tell you how many times directors have said "make it more Fosse." I mean, the guy's become an adjective! He was so sexy and loose. He made dancing look easy and wacky and fun but you can tell it's difficult if you try it (which I've done when no one's looking). I've heard that he was self-conscious because he was balding, which is sad. But I think it's pretty incredible that he made a pretty major name for himself even though he was in very few movies. So, there you are. Number three.


  1. A legend! I love his choreography in Cabaret, All That Jazz, and Sweet Charity.

  2. love the new header! west side story rules! every time i meet someone named maria, i start singing the song in head :D
    i have to say i am amazed at your knowledge of old movies. it's quite impressive!

  3. That Mambo is possibly my favorite dances of all time!!! Thank you for posting it!!!


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