Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ma named him Frankincense, cause he smelled so sweet.

First, I'd like to give a big congratulations to Wendymoon for getting the quote of the week correct! She even filled in the blank correctly!! Hooray!

I also want to thank everyone who voted in the Pontipee brothers poll. I was rather surprised by the outcome: Benjamin won by a pretty significant amount - 4 votes (44%). Frank and Gideon were neck-and-neck with 2 votes each (22%) and Ephraim had 1 vote (11%). Considering the fact that three of the brothers didn't get any votes, I think Ephraim's popularity is pretty impressive. Thanks again to all who voted!

Now, to continue with my dancing men list which, as it happens, segues beautifully from the poll...

5. Tommy Rall
Favorite dance: "Bless Yore Beautiful Hide" (barn dance) in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

There are appallingly few pictures of Tommy Rall on the internet. But, I did find this one which is pretty good. (He's the one on the left)

The video that I've linked to doesn't actually work anymore, sadly. I found this one, which is pretty good. And it has my favorite part in there (the part where Frank dances with Millie) right at the end. But I'm not sure why the video just stops at that point. But here it is because it's better than nothing and it does have my favorite part, so:

I think Tommy Rall is a rather impressive figure in musical history. I don't know how many people recognize him by name but many people recognize him as Frank from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I think it's a testiment to his talent that he's so memorable as a minor character, don't you agree?

I'm going to make this post semi-short today. I want to apologize for being so behind in blog reading/commenting. I've had a pretty odd schedule lately. Hopefully it will be ironed out soon and I'll be back to normal. My Google Reader currently has 100+ unread blog posts, which is incredibly intimidating. I'm hoping to knock those out in the next few days. So please bear with me and please don't hate me if you get five comments from me in a short time frame - I'm playing catch up! Thanks!!

P.S. The header is new. Do you like it? I'm actually really digging it. I found the photo and I just love the moment it captures. I love how cool and laid back she looks whilst doing an incredibly high kick. And then Russ Tamblyn is just plain cool. It was a close tie between that one and the one below. But, as cool as that one is, I think I made the right choice, don't you?


  1. 7 Brides For 7 Brothers - theres a movie I need to sit down and watch again I think Ive seen it all the way through only once. Love the barn dance though! When I think of Frank I think of the like when Adam is introducing all of his brothers and mentions that they were all named from the Bible and then his wife says "I dont remember a Frank in the Bible"...awww poor kid!

  2. One more reason I need to see this movie...

    And the header is amazing! I love Russ Tamblyn.

  3. Yay! I love 7BF7B!

    I was the one who voted for Ephraim. Because I THOUGHT Adam and Gideon were going to win by a landslide anyways. I guess not! Haha!

    I'm surprised that Benjamin won too! He doesn't even dance for goodness sakes! ;-D

    Great post! And I LOVE the new header. Like you said, Russ is just cool.

  4. Yes,he's one of the best dancer ever.I have created the Tommy Rall's Facebook page:


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