Monday, March 15, 2010

Take me to Broadway!

I made a decision today at work. Last week, I put my Netflix account on hold because I just can't quite squeeze it in budget-wise right now. I figured I'd rather wait a few months and then pull it back up again. Today, I realized that what I should do in the meantime (to keep from getting withdrawals) is thoroughly watch my current dvd collection. I have around 200 movies (give or take). There are some that I've only seen once or twice, some that I haven't seen at all, some with which I've only seen the movie or part of the movie. I intend to remedy that in the coming months. My goal is to have seen my entire dvd collection, from top to bottom. Now, that's not saying I'm going to rewatch everything because that would take forever. But I want to make sure I've seen all of the special features. For example, there's a documentary on George Cukor in my Philadelphia Story dvd that I haven't seen yet. And there are several vintage cartoons on my Disney dvds. I have a habit of taking on a few too many projects (my current ones: writing a book, learning Portuguese, writing a blog) but I'm going to give this one a try just the same. I'll keep you posted if I come across anything stellar.

On with the list!
8. Bobby Van
Favorite dance: "Take Me To Broadway" from Small Town Girl

This number has long been a favorite of mine. It's such a happy song to watch! I would dare you to watch it and not be happy at the end of it, but it seems simpler to just say, "Watch it! It's such a happy number!" instead. The movie it comes from is very cute, although I haven't seen it in years. I'm trying to add it to my collection, but it's hard to come by. There's a version for sale on Amazon for $33! whoo. I think I'll wait a little while on that one. They feature the number in one of the That's Entertainment! (#2, I believe) You can hear Gene Kelly introducing the number in this video. This number really is impressive, the way he jumps the entire time. It's a single take, so you can tell he's jumping for over three minutes straight. It tires me out just to watch it!

I think Bobby Van is so cute! When I was younger, my sisters and I picked out our favorite suitors in Kiss Me Kate. Mine was Bobby Van for a long time. Recently, I've shifted focus, and changed my mind on that, but he still remains close to my heart! And though I'm trying not to do this because the multiple favorites goes only in the top three of my list, I'm going to throw in a runner-up Bobby Van number, just because. I discovered this number when my mom sent me the links to a couple other The Affairs of Dobie Gillis songs. I think this one is so cute and is probably the happiest rendition of "I'm Through with Love." You can view it here.


  1. that's a fantastic idea! there are definitely films in my collection i haven't watched because they came as part of some epic deal in a set and it's quite pathetic. best of luck with the book too. :] is it film related or on some other topic?

  2. A great idea, I should do that as well. I have a TON of movies. I don't even know how I got so many, but I did. :P

  3. Thanks, Meredith! The book is not film-related. It's actually a children's fantasy book, one of my other major passions. I'm about 60 pages in currently.

    Sara - I know! It's crazy how it all piles up!

  4. I too need to watch all the DVDs in my collection. Unfortunately I never seem to have the time though. But that needs to be done soon! I have so many movies I've wanted to see but never watched them, or movies I've started and jsut never finished.

  5. I need to start watching the special features too. It's kind of like I'm only getting half my money's worth by ignoring them.

    Oh, and I think Girl Shy is a great intro to Harold Lloyd! It's the first film of his I saw, and it got me hooked. I checked out YouTube, and the whole movie's there:

    I hope you enjoy it if you watch it!


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