Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Like tap and toe...

I posted the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers poll. I'm very excited to find out who wins!

Continuing in the dancers list:

11. George Murphy
Favorite dance: "We Should Be Together" from Little Miss Broadway

I love this dance. It's so cute and fun. I love the song too; it's one of my favorite Shirley Temple tunes.

Sadly, I haven't seen much of Mr. Murphy to be honest. I kind of fell in love with him in Little Miss Broadway. This might be a product of my love for Shirley Temple and her costars but we'll let that slide. The only other movies I've seen him in are Broadway Melody of 1940 and Step Lively. And, if I remember correctly, his characters weren't too loveable in those ones (although I could be misremembering). I love his classy dancing style not to mention the fact that he is (in my opinion) quite a looker! Any recommendations on further films of his? I'd love to hear any suggestions! Thank you!

P.S. I came across this photo when looking up George Murphy photos and couldn't resist sharing it:


  1. It is a cute dance and he looks so sweet. Too bad he didn't do more stuff!

  2. I was singing that We Should Be Together song just the other day. :) I watched this a lot when I was really little, love that song and dance number! :)

  3. so cute! shirley temple was adorable.


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