Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to you!

Unfortunately, I couldn't actually find "Happy Easter" on YouTube. Rather frustrating. But, I did find "Drum Crazy" and that's close enough, don't you think? Enjoy!


  1. I nominated you for an award! It's at my blog :-)

  2. Happy Easter Sally! Haha I somehow had the feeling you'd be posting something from Easter Parade! I love this scene!

  3. No worries - Ive had that Happy Easter song in my head since this morning. I thought it was gone but then I just saw the words in your post and its baaack! Oh well could be worse.

    A great reason to watch Easter Parade again: My mom and I were watching the movie and cracking up at the scene the first time they are in the restaurant. Of course we know that no one stays for lunch but watch when Johnny and Nadine are sitting at the table before Don comes in. She takes a piece of bread but only takes a little bitty crumb. Then a few seconds later the olives and celery and whatever arrives and she takes an olive - but never eats it! For some reason it always cracks us up!


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