Saturday, April 24, 2010

Maybe it isn't only the music

4. Vera-Ellen

Favorite dance: "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" from White Christmas

However, I realize I've talked about that particular number quite extensively. I have several runners-up in this category: "Minstrel Number" from White Christmas, "Abraham" from White Christmas, and "Come On, Papa" from Three Little Words. So, I'm going to embed the "Minstrel Number" - the "Mandy" part - because that parts always delightful to watch. I love this dance. I love the way dancers can make something sexy with apparently little effort, and Vera-Ellen in particular. For instance, the part where she has her arm above her head and she sees her dancing partner (Joe Brascia) with his arms down by his chest and she mirrors his posture - I don't know, there's something about her look and movement that is simply cool. I can't describe it. I just like it.

I wish Vera-Ellen appeared in more films. She was in a handful of major movies and then played in a good amount of B movies, which are harder to track down. She was a very talented dancer and I wish I could see more of her. Ah well. I hope you enjoy her in this clip, because she's awesome!


  1. LOVE her! Love Slaughter on 10th Avenue with Gene Kelly from Words and Music and of course anything from On The Town. The thing that strikes me about VE in White Christmas is how SKINNY she is!!!

  2. Wow! She has amazing legs! Great number.

  3. She's so great! I think of her in "On the Town" standing on her head doing leg exercises! She must've been crazy fit.

  4. Vera Ellen is so lovely! I just saw her in a film on TV the other day with David Niven called Happy Go Lovely or something like that. It's pretty good :)

  5. Poor vera and her eating disorders... A very gifted dancer. I love her especially in "Thinking of you" from Three little words (Check my archive under "Vera-Ellen"... you'll find a scee which is not at youtube... )


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