Friday, April 30, 2010

"Understand this: I was only playing with you and you, poor sap, fell for it!"

Quote of the week!

"Understand this: I was only playing with you, and you, poor sap, fell for it!"

Bonus points if you remember the following line as well as the movie title!


  1. ahh! I feel like it's a Barbara Stanwyck quote but I'm not totally sure. The Lady Eve maybe??

  2. It's from "Follow the Fleet!" The poor sap is my darling Randolph Scott (who Kate Gabrielle is not fond of).

    Bonus points! hmm... I can't remember exactly what came next - alas!

  3. I don't know what comes next so Ill give you my favorite Randolph Scott line... I won't dance...da da da...

    Sorry I've been on a plane for 3 hours after a full day of work

  4. Well, heck... I thought I might have had this one... I was thinking of GoldDiggers of 1933 when Joan Blondell was stringing along Dick Powell's brother...
    Anyway, I guess this is the scene in FTF where Fred is having a script 'rehearsal' with the lady that Bilge (Scott) is hanging with when he should be focusing on Mama Nelson instead, and Bilge walks in on them, thinking something quite different is taking place... that's the only spot I could think of in that movie that it would happen... so, if correct, do I get the bonus points, even if the 'main answer' is wrong? :-]


  5. I'm having trouble placing this one, too, but I think VKMfan might be onto something with Gold Diggers of 1933. Was it when Dick Powell's brother (I can't remember who the actor was - it'll probably come to me later) came to Joan Blondell at her apartment - right before the grand finale?


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