Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet songs and hot steps

Continuing in my list of dancing ladies...

14. June Allyson

Favorite dance: "The Young Man With A Horn" from Two Girls and a Sailor
The song is not available on YouTube, more's the pity. But I've uploaded the dance portion of it here. Let's see if it works...

I love her dancing style. June Allyson was often cast in the all-American girl-next-door type roles and I think her dancing reflects that. In relation to this song, I love the part where the music slows down and she starts doing that cool leg-kicky thing. I've tried to replicate it and figure out exactly what she's doing there but haven't managed it yet.

By the way, I think the male dancer in this scene is fantastic also. I'm not sure of his name, though. I might be able to look him up on IMDb but I don't think he even had a name in the film. Another one of those background dancers, I suppose.


  1. Haha, really cool, thanks for uploading :)

  2. I adore June Allyson! Thanks for the great post

  3. My favorite is Pennsylvania 6500 from The Glenn Miller story- just kidding! But I do love Varsity Drag from Good News...if I tried to do that Id fall on my...well my you-know-what!

  4. Great post, I never really thought of June Allyson as a dancer! I probably haven't seen enough of her musicals though :)


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