Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just look around until you've found someone who has a blue-gray fedora

I realize I just discussed Royal Wedding yesterday, but I've been wanting to talk about these costumes, so I figured I might as well bring it up while we're on the subject.

Today's spotlight on a costume is actually a spotlight on several costumes. The number "I Left My Hat In Haiti," is delightful to watch, despite the fact that the performers are decidedly not Haitian. And the girls are outfitted with some fabulous get-ups. I've been wanting to rack up the nerve to try this style out, but I haven't yet found the courage. The combination is relatively simple: ballet flats or tennis shoes, peasant skirt, a brightly colored top, a scarf tied around the waist, a scarf tied around the head, and a fedora on top. What makes it even easier is that the pieces don't have to match - in fact, it seems as if they're not supposed to. The girls in this scene pull the ensemble off so wonderfully! I really want to try this outfit, and I even have all the pieces necessary, but I just can't get up the nerve. ugh. Well, anyway, it's wonderful. Here's the complete scene:

*** So, shortly after I wrote this post, I decided to be daring and try the outfit out. I didn't put together all of the pieces because, frankly, it didn't look or feel right. The scarf around my head kept getting all weird (I really need a better scarf) so I just took it off and used the fedora. I really liked the look a lot. I just wanted to share this bit of news with you so you'd know that I was daring in the end! Hooray!


  1. I love that you tried to recreate the outfit! I think you could do an awesome post on Jane Powell's costume for HOw Could You Believe Me When....oh forget it you know which one I mean!

  2. Haha Jane Powell's costume is adorable! I love the sneakers especially, what a surprisingly chic element!

  3. So I just rewatched this again and Ive got a few more comments

    1) The colors remind me of an Old Navy commercial!

    2) What is with the girl's shoes?

    3) Jane Powell's outfit is FUNKY - the other "blue-grey fedora girls' dresses are a little bit better.

    4) Cute monkey!

    That is all...


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